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Some people these days are lucky enough to have the know-how, the space, and the time to change the oil in their cars, but Pocatello Nissan KIA knows that not everyone has those luxuries. Your car needs clean oil to stay properly lubricated, and if you go too long between oil changes, your engine could suffer the consequences. Poor fuel economy, loss of horsepower, and major engine damage can result from an improperly lubricated engine, so if you can't change your own oil, come to Pocatello Nissan KIA today!

We can change your oil quickly, replace your oil filter, and offer competitive prices for all oil change projects. We use only the highest quality synthetic motor oils for each oil change and will supply your car with the perfect oil for its age and the way you drive. Our Service Center uses high quality synthetic motor oil brands like Mobile 1, Penzoil, Castrol, and more. We will replace your oil filter with a brand that is approved by the factory. We will also let you know how often you should bring your car back for oil change services to ensure that your vehicle will continue to perform optimally throughout its lifetime. Clean, fresh motor oil is the key to helping your car last well past 100K miles, so do right by your vehicle and change your oil regularly with help from Pocatello Nissan KIA, serving .

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